Thursday, April 9, 2009

posting 6

BLOG QUESTIONNAIRE-SKBP 1023 Age:21 Tutorial Group: LECTURER En Affendi Hamat
1. Do you enjoy blogging? Yes.because there are really difficult to posting about the topic on given.Actually i will be more enjoying if i posting about the economic and social issue and also about our life.
2.Based on your experience what is the benefit of blogging?
3.Do you need more assistance to set up your blog ? the benefit of blogging is we can share our opinion and suggestion about something we also help we to improve our grammar and vocabulary term.Yes.because i need more assistance to enhance my grammar and also vocabulary.
4.Do you have any memorable/favorite topic in your blog?
5.List 5 advantages of blogging for you
a)enhance my grammar
b)improve my vocabulary
c)changing our opinion
d)giving our suggestion
e)enhance my knowledge when i research some topic
6.List 5 disadvantages of blogging
a)giving wrong knowledge if some topic is untrue
b)can make chaos to country if some topic is create controversy
c)There is a risk that an ill-judged comment could be seized upon by the media or disgruntled investors.
d)It can be tricky to drag public comment out of a company without first routing through the sanitizing filter of a press office.
e)Most people don’t have very much to say that’s interesting, and/or are unable to write down their ideas in a compelling and clear manner.
7.Will you continue blogging after the course?
Yes, because i can express whatever i want to and give some experience to the society
8.Do you think that blogging improve your writing?
9.Do you think that we should continue with blogging activity for the next batch of students?
10.Will you recommend your friend to blog
11.Can you teach a friend to set up his or her blog

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