Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Similarities and Comparison of Search Engine

It goes without saying that there are a multitude of Web sites on the Internet. What may be a
little less obvious to the untrained eye is the preponderance of poorly designed, inefficient, or
nonfunctional Web sites. This white paper will briefly discuss general criteria for evaluation of a
Web site by focusing on two Internet search engines, Google ( Yahoo!
(,mamma ( and eric digest as illustrative case studies.

The following is a brief list of some of the more common components of effective Web site
design and user interface:
1) Content (the most important aspect of the Web site)
2)Usability (how easy is the interface to use)
3)Simplicity (easy for the user)
4)Consistency (ensure all pages are similar)

Four Web sites that offer insight into how a site should be developed are Yahoo!
Google, mamma and eric digest. Each of these sites serves similar functions and share many comparable
characteristics. However, despite these similarities, Google is a better example of a welldesigned
and useful Web site for a multitude of reasons, which shall be discussed in detail

The most obvious difference between these two Web sites is the interface, layout, and design
of the pages. Google offers a very clean and simplistic interface, whereas Yahoo!’s is busy and
cluttered. eric digest is too simplistic while just like yahoo but its not colourfu.l Simplicity is one of the best estimators of whether a Web site is aesthetically
pleasing, and a simple design should always be used to avoid complexity and confusion to the
user. When a user is not bombarded with excessive text and images, they will feel more at
ease and comfortable while using your Web site. Ultimately, a simplified interface means that
the Web site will be accessible to all types of people with different skill levels, thus increasing
the potential for a significant user return.

Another key aspect of design and usability is defining or understanding the purpose of the Web
site. Due to the simplistic nature of the Google and mamma Web site, it is quickly apparent to the user that
the purpose of the site is for searching. The user is immediately drawn to the center of the
screen where information about the Web site is readily available. In stark contrast, Yahoo!’s and eric digest
home page is a jumbled mess. It can be unclear to the user what the main purpose of the
Yahoo! main site is. In addition to a search bar at the top of the site, there are also multiple
boxes of information and advertisements, as well as a multitude of links to other Yahoo!-related
sites such as email and music. This, in effect, means more information has to be passed over
the Internet, resulting in slower response times for the site. A key indicator of a useful Web
site is one that is not only easy to use, but also clearly states the purpose of the site, a type of
digital affordance for the Web site.

Besides that,consistency is a significant element of Web site design. Although both Yahoo! and Google offer
many of the same features (email, news, and search), the internal pages of each respective
Web site are drastically different. Google,mamma and eric digest continues with its theme of clean interface throughout
every one of its Web pages. This has the effect of uniformity and consistency. Yahoo!, on the
other hand, has drastically different pages in its Web site. For example, Yahoo! Autos looks
completely different than Yahoo! Music or Yahoo! News. Each channel maintains a link to the
main Web site, but ultimately, there is little consistency within the Yahoo! Web site.

the conclusion is Designing an effective Web site can be a daunting task. However, if one follows the tenants
and principles outlined here, a successful Web site can be developed. By comparing four similar
sites (Google, Yahoo!,eric digest and mamma), valuable insight is gained into effective Web site design. Most
importantly, provide valuable content, utilize a clean interface and layout, and keep the user in

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Assalamualaikum W.B.T,

As we know today we want discuss about how blogging can assist language learners to improve and enhance their writing skills.Blogging is a place where we as a learners express and writing what they want tell about whether it is formal or informal.
first,when they writing something there words wrote to make people many words they are use and they will try to use new words.consequently,they learn a new words and improve their vocabulary.For example,they want try to write about science so there are specific words that they are being,this can help them to get more new words and learned from it.
Secondly,writing can also assist language learners to improve and enhance their writing skills by writing assignment in the blog.The instructor play the important role to examined this assignment by checking spelling,vocabulary and grammar. So learners will get some information and knowledge how to enhance their writing by improve their vocabulary and grammar.
Third,when learners posts some topic in blog ,people will read what they wrote and start to comment after read.Basically,their comment based on the topic and try to asks what they dont understand.Learners will reply to make them get a results,learners will improve their skills writing.Furthermore the comments base on grammar and vocabulary is also enhance learners improve their writing.
The conclusion is blogging is not only express our thoughts but also the place to improve our skills on writing.Whatever comments came out whether it is positive and negative actually it can help we to get more knowledge and information by writing always.

Monday, March 2, 2009

significance using computers when homeschooling.

what significance of using computers when homeschooling?

Nowdays,computer is a most powerful devices for human being.We can use it everywhere as a company to find the resources and researches in something tasks.In this part, i will discuss about the advantages of using computer when homeschooling.Today, a lot of educational CD-Roms,DVDs and disks are available as a guide for learning at home.
Using computer will save your time in the homeschooling day because you will not have to do old-fashioned flash-card-style drills with your child.Children will more acquire knowledge quickly because you can find the souces a results,your time used effectively and of course it save your budget as a using computer effectively.
Besides that,computer can also reduce yor stress level when it comes to teaching material that you yourself do not understand.this is because there a lot of websites available that you can use to supplement your lessons plans.
Otherwise,the computer is able to interact with your child and thus provide immediate feedback.if you are trying to explain to your child how something works,you can easily locate animations and other 3D teaching modules.this will make child really enjoy using computers. computer also are able to encourage children to do more writing.This is especially good for boys who have tendency of hating handwriting.while this is true,most boys will be a lot more positive when it comes to learning how to type on the computer keyboard.
In addition,children have a tendency of becoming absorbed in the computer.this can be a good thing whenever it is used constructively because it means that they are willing to spend more time doing their homework on the computer than they would be if they were using a workbook.
the conclusion is using computer when homeschooling is effectively and become a second teacher for is easier and the best way to learning something and teaching what we have know to society needed.Although there is a lot of significance using computer its also many of disadvantages and surely it depends to us to use it properly.